Personal Training

We make people look and feel young again with our holistic approach to improving health, fitness and general wellness.


Personal Training

At Sharp Training, we believe that everybody is capable of achieving both physical and mental well-being.  But this can’t happen if you are constantly prioritizing others before yourself. This can’t happen by just going for the occasional run and praying that cutting out carbs will help you lose some weight.

Our bodies need a variety of strength movements, combined with cardiovascular work and a balanced diet to remain strong, mobile, and injury-free. Our minds need ways to manage stress, depression, and anxiety before it gets out of control.

Through dynamic resistance training, HIIT, injury prevention, and mindfulness, we help our clients achieve a state of fitness where they feel as confident and trusting in their body as they once did before all of life's responsibilities got in the way.  ​Take back control of your mind and body and book a free consultation today which also includes a Free Functional Movement Assessment.

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"Dan has been a game changer for my fitness"

I have been training with Dan for over two years now and having him as my coach has really been a game changer for my fitness, strength and overall health & wellness. From the beginning, Dan really took the time to understand my specific needs and goals and took my health, age and ability into consideration when planning my sessions. He genuinely cares about my health and the progress I make in our sessions. I would definitely recommend training with Dan!

What to expect during a session

Take the guesswork out of your training.. Once we’ve completed your consultation and testing I will then create a training plan bespoke to your body and your goals.

Each session is 60 minutes, including:

Mobility to get you moving and feeling better

Compound and Functional Strength exercises to increase lean muscle mass, reduce fat.. And of course get stronger

Conditioning exercises that  get your heart and lungs working and improve your stamina and overall health

Optional mindfulness in whatever shape you like.. Breathwork, meditation or maybe just some meaningful conversation

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Claim your free performance and movement assessment to pinpoint areas of improvement and start your journey to elevated performance. Our comprehensive system answers your questions, keeps you accountable and fortifies your mind.

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1:1 Training for Athletes & Youth Athletes

Ready to compete at a higher level? It’s time to separate yourself from the competition and Train Sharp.

Our tailored 1:1 training will help improve your physicality and robustness, keeping you playing your sport for longer and at a higher output. Improve performance metrics such as; vertical jump height, acceleration, agility, max strength, cardiovascular endurance.

As your very own personal coach, I will help to get the most out of your body for peak performance but also talk with you on improving mental strength and sharpness (if you need it!). Hit me up for a free consultation and performance testing..

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Personal Training

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