Personal Training 

Do you feel physically restricted and easily fatigued in your day to day activities?


Would  you like to go about your daily life more confidently, energetically and pain free? 


At Sharp Training, we believe that everybody is capable of achieving both physical and mental well-being.  But this can’t happen if you are constantly prioritizing others before yourself. This can’t happen by just going for the occasional run and praying that cutting out carbs will help you lose some weight. 


This is NOT what Training Sharp looks like! 


Our bodies need a variety of strength movements, combined with cardiovascular work and a balanced diet to remain strong, mobile and injury free. Our minds need ways to manage stress, depression and anxiety before it gets out of control.


Through dynamic resistance training, HIIT, injury prevention, and mindfulness, we help our clients achieve a state of fitness where they feel as confident and trusting in their body as they once did before all of life's responsibilities got in the way.  

Take back control of your mind and body and book a free consultation today.

In the consultation we will:

  • Discus your current situation and fitness goals

  • Deliver a free movement and injury risk assessment 

  • Create a plan to help you reach your goals

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