Whether you’re an athlete ready to create more opportunities through sport or a busy professional wanting to improve the way you move and feel, Sharp Training will help you achieve higher levels of performance both physically and mentally..

Athlete training

Founded by athletes in 2013, Sharp Training has the simple goal of developing high performers in both sport and life.

 Being an athlete doesn’t mean you're just training for a sport. It means you're committed to moving to your best potential. No matter your age, experience, size, sport, or background, if you have a body, you can train for high performance. 


We use science-backed strength and conditioning alongside mindfulness because both go hand in hand with well-being. We incorporate goal setting, positive self-talk, visualization, and mentoring in all that we do. 


It's important to us that everyone we work with gains a better understanding of how to take care of their mind and body so they can pursue their passions in all walks of life.


Whether you are currently playing a sport, a coach looking to improve team performance, or someone wanting to develop a better relationship with their mind and body, our coaches are available for a free consultation for all of our services.

About Us

Meet the Team

Dan Sharp - Sharp Training

Dan Sharp (BSc, L3PT)

Coming from a semi-professional basketball background, Dan wishes to inspire young athletes and give them an opportunity to experience the many benefits of strength and conditioning - something he wishes he had as a player growing up. Dan has always enjoyed coaching, motivating and helping others see their fullest potential. He wants each athlete and client he works with to achieve high performance both physically and mentally.

Arela Williams - Sharp Training

Arela Williams (MSc, CSCS)

Having played elite volleyball in the states, Arela moved to London to continue her education and volleyball career. Strength and conditioning has always been a big part of her life which is why she encourages athletes to set their ambitions high and hit the gym. Beyond this, Arela loves train others who don't get a lot of movement
variety in their day to day lives. She will help you to see
what your body is truly capable of.

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