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Jack Jackson

6 week Transformation

At Sharp Training, we believe that everybody is capable of achieving both physical and mental well-being.  But this can’t happen if you are constantly prioritizing others before yourself. This can’t happen by just going for the occasional run and praying that cutting out carbs will help you lose some weight.

Our Team

Dan Sharp

Coming from a semi-professional basketball background, Dan wishes to inspire young athletes and give them an opportunity to experience the many benefits of strength and conditioning - something he wishes he had as a player growing up.

Dan has always enjoyed coaching, motivating and helping others see their fullest potential. He helps each client work toward a helthier lifestyle.

Usher Kasi

Coach Usher grew up playing many sports and found his calling doing so. As a FA Level 2 football coach, Usher has seen the ways in which football can improve young athletes’ teamwork, determination, social and communication skills.

As well as this, coach Usher has seen how S&C improves physical health greatly amongst people from all walks of life and incorporates it into his own an athletic lifestyle.

Arela Williams

Having played elite volleyball in the states, Arela moved to London to continue her education and volleyball career. Strength and conditioning has always been a big part of her life which is why she encourages athletes to set their ambitions high and hit the gym.

Beyond this, Arela loves train others who don't get a lot of movement
variety in their day to day lives. She will help you to see
what your body is truly capable of.

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