Mindful Movement For Schools.

Physical Education that makes a lasting impact through fitness and mindfulness.


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Changing the lives of Young People.

Merging mental well-being with PE for stronger bodies and sharper minds.

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement is a perfect blend of fitness, fun and mindfulness for developing confidence, self-awareness and healthy habits for life.

Our signature physical education programme helping students develop a healthy long-lasting relationship with exercise.  The Mindful Movement approach is unique, inclusive and fun!

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Mindful Movement Curriculum

Fitness sessions and class discussions helping students make the vital connection between their mind and body.
An inclusive curriculum focused on motor control, self awareness and teamwork which can be adapted to all year groups and ability levels.
Integrated mindfulness practices teaching key concepts like gratitude, positive self-talk, and meditation fostering intrinsic motivation.
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Composed of both fitness sessions and class discussions, students will grow in their understanding of the mind-body connection and have tools to support their mental health in all phases of life.

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