Filling the Gap in
High Performance 

Our S&C and Mindfulness services will help your student-athletes achieve high performance in both sport and life. 

We work alongside sports clubs and schools to improve long-term physical development, sports performance, and well-being in the youth communities while also teaching stress management, communication, and leadership skills. 

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Sports Clubs  

Sharp training has worked with over 500 student-athletes and helped 7 different sports clubs deliver a more complete sports performance service including West Ham United Foundation, Newham All-Stars Sports Association, Ap Saints Netball, Mayfield Basketball Academy, and Chigwell Tigers Youth Football. 

Provide your teams with elite athlete
development support

You might need athlete development support if: 
  • Your athletes are constantly getting injured
  • Your athletes have started working out in a gym setting by themselves 
  • Your team struggles to compete against the bigger and faster competition 
  • Your team would benefit from more chemistry and resilience  
  • Athletes leave your club to join another team
  • You have athletes preparing to play abroad, nationally, or professionally 

How we can help your sports club

Our athlete development support package allows you to maximize your practice time and build a more commitment-driven team, while providing sports performance training directly to your athletes.

  •  FREE performance testing (every 2 months)

  • Monthly periodized S&C programme 

  • 1 Monthly mindful athlete leadership meeting (online)

  • 1 face to face S&C session per month

  • Athletic development consulting with the coaches


 Extracurricular & After School Clubs 

Mindful Movement: teaching the mind & body connection 

Students are missing something critical from their education. The opportunity to understand how their mind and body perform as one. Understanding this connection is key to long term physical and mental development 

Mindful Movement is a fitness and well-being class that teaches young pupils physiology and mindfulness in a fun and engaging way.

Mindful Movement aims to cultivate a love for fitness while teaching well-being strategies they can use for the rest of their lives. 

While students work on their physical skills like coordination, speed, 
and strength, they will also be working on their emotional, leadership, and communication skills. 

This class can be adapted for both primary and secondary schools 

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