High Performance Online Programmes

  • FREE face to face session for youth athletes (online available)
  • Remote coaching for exercise feedback
  • Programme structured for your specific goals
  • Video demonstrations
  • Mindfulness

Are you uncertain about what your training should look like in pre, post or off season?

Are you asking other athletes or skills coaches for S&C workouts?

Do you pick and choose random exercises from instagram hoping to make huge progress in your performance and fitness?

If this is you, then you might be hurting your performance more than improving it and you’re putting your body at risk.  


We care about the results you want to achieve and we know how to help you get from point A to B without wasting your time.

Our custom online programmes eliminate all the uncertainty when it comes to your training and are designed with your specific goals in mind. 


You will even have access to us as coaches to receive remote feedback on your exercises.

Note to parents

At Sharp Training, we believe it’s important for parents to understand all the ways they can help their kids get the most out of their time in sport and even more importantly, help them take care of their long term physical well-being.


That is why we have a Facebook group for parents of young athletes to stay up to date on all the ways you can help them succeed.

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